More Honey Sold

Another day at the Market.


This time Amie helped for about an hour, mainly explaining to customers about the layer of wax that will form like a seal on top of their honey in the next couple of days. You see, this honey was extracted only the day before (I was up till midnight cleaning the equipment, porch and kitchen) and so it still had air as well as cappings wax saturating the honey. We spun forty jars (8 fl.oz.) of honey from eight medium frames, four mine, four from another beekeeper, who joined in the homemade extractor fun.

The market was slow because the 4th of July: less vendors, less customers, yet it didn’t hurt our stall. We sold all but 8 jars of honey and so we’ve collected enough money to buy the extractor for the group as well as some of the movie, More than Honey (with Public Performance Rights) that we want to show all over the region this Summer.


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