Get your Honey Here: BEElieve Honey at the Farmers Market

Today I spent five hours at our Farmers Market selling BEElieve honey. It was incredible. We sold out in 1 1/2 hour.

What we sold this week was my honey, harvested last year and still left over, even after all that eating and bartering with it. I had twenty-three 10 oz jars (by weight). I’ll harvest the new Spring honey that is still sitting on Hive 3 (the one that swarmed) and/or we’ll harvest honey from another Wayland beekeeper and sell that at next week’s Market. That should give us enough to buy the Maxant 9 frame hand extractor for the group.


A friend and fellow-blogger made those cute cards with the BEElieve logo designed by Amie.


Bad weather threatened but didn’t materialize.




 Here’s one of our newest beeks, fellow blogger and friend and two of her daughters.

It wasn’t just my friends who came and bought honey, honestly, though they did very generously buy a lot of it. But this wasn’t just a fundraiser, it was an awareness-raiser as well, and as much about community as beekeeping. I must have talked with about forty people about bees, took down sixteen email addresses for our newsletter. Got everyone, young and old, all excited about beekeeping.


At the end, there was one visitor who kept coming back for the free honey. She came back for a refill five times. The movie has no sound because the background noise was trucks and cars passing.

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