Ferments: Kombucha and Melomel

The Melomel – mead with raspberries – seemed ready to be bottled. There were no more bubbles coming up through the mess of bleached raspberries on top. The one gallon yielded three bottles, here posing in my darkened desk area (another heat wave is upon us).


This is the mash: the color was almost completely transferred from the berries to the liquid.


The kombucha mother too was ready for the next step: I transferred it to a larger container and added tea and sugar. It’s about 1/8″ thick. Once it covers the wider surface in the new container and has thickened a little more, it’ll be ready for making kombucha tea and sharing.


In the image below you can see the original plug from the bottle I bought at the grocery store. The rest grew around it.


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  1. So pretty! BTW I am now the proud owner of a few water kefir grains. I’m planning to make some sort of kefir soda concoction ASAP. You can babysit them in August if you want LOL.

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