Heat Wave Foods

We’re (hopefully) at the tail end of the second  heat wave of the summer. The house, after accumulating heat over the past days, hit 88 at 3 pm, with 70% humidity. Outside, in the shade, it reached 97F (36C) . But it seems I’ve acclimatized. I wouldn’t say that I was comfortable, but it was bearable to do some chores inside and out, like feeding the hens, hanging the laundry on the line. Around 5 I headed outside to water the garden and to harvest some more beans, etc.

Yesterday I spent two hours in the afternoon weeding the haricots verts bed and harvesting 3 lbs. of beans. That evening, Amie and I enjoyed a meal almost entirely grown on our property (all except the butter, salt and pepper):


The kombucha mother is loving the hot weather. Compare:



Kombucha mother yesterday


Kombucha mother today

It smells divine. I can’t wait to brew me some tea.



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  1. Did you get those green bean pickles from the share a few months ago? J and D loved them. That might be something to try if you have too many beans. It probably wouldn’t even require turning on the stove if you kept them in the fridge. Or you could can tomorrow. The heat’s supposed to break tonight with a storm. I watered at 5 too…. 5am this morning!

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