Hens and Frog


The weather being sunny and not too hot, we sat outside, watching the hens enjoy a free-range stroll. No lawn is complete without chickens, I say! That’s why you have to watch them: they’ll mess up your lawn in no time with their scratching. The monster on the trellis is actually two hardy kiwis. The ladies came to this greener pasture after exploring their part of the yard (which is through the opening in the photo above).


There there is comfrey and buckwheat on a small Hugelkultur, and wood chips with lots of worms. My neighbor takes down trees and has been dropping off piles of wood chips, which I’ve been putting down all over. The two pullets are around too, but they kept out of the way of these four.

Joining these descendants of reptiles was  a real cold-blooded visitor. When I saw it I quickly picked it up and sheltered it from the chickens, who would have eaten it. He or she sat in my hand for over half an hour, sleepy-eyed.


Then I put it in a box so Amie could see it when she came home. She held it and commented on how weird its sticky feet felt on her skin. Then it hopped away. The chickens were long in their coop by then. Safe travels, frog!


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