The Geometry of a Peach


The tribe canned peaches all day (photo essay by fellow blogger and member of the tribe here). From 10 am to 6 pm, we packed peach quarters in light syrup. I believe the last count was 50 pints. About 90 lbs of peaches. We had two canners going. One person dunked the peaches in hot water, the other peeled and quartered, and the third packed. That was me, I was the packer. Hence “the geometry of a peach”: how to fit as many irregularly shaped and sized peaches as  possible into a pint jar? There are many ways.


I brought the most bruised and overripe peaches home and turned them into peach butter. It’s almost midnight and the rolling boil on them has just started.  In my basement, another 70 lbs or so waiting to be be processed. I’ll make more peach butter, of course, which is a staple in our house, and a favorite gift.


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  1. Gee, I wanted to see a picture of that peach butter. But I guess I’ll see it soon. Very artistic photos!

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