A Day of Food

In the afternoon I felt better. A friend came over – with three carrots from her garden, instantly eaten – to sort through what turns out to be 160 lbs of peaches. We put aside the ripest ones for canning tomorrow, but the rest will be ready on Friday. We’re going to put up peaches in light syrup first. Then, if there is still time remaining, we’ll make peach butter.

I harvested another 2 1/2 lbs of haricots verts from one bed – the mosquitoes prevented me from getting the other bed as well. I’m freezing most of it, eating the rest for dinner. I’m hoping those two beds may give me a third round of beans. New flowers are developing, so with luck… I also got the last elderberries, some of which are going into tonight’s ice cream, drizzled with honey. Elderberries are the only food with some bitterness in it that Amie will eat.


Also, a wonderfully sweet cucumber, not pictured because I ate it on the way in, and more tomatoes.


And figs. The purple ones were tiny but very sweet.


I’m baking a roll cake (“heat wave cake“) for “the tribe” at tomorrow’s canning party.

What day is not a food day in August?


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