More about those Green Diapers, again

 Jean-Pierre, who has commented extensively on the green diaper issue, put me on to the website of Richer Consulting Services, a source for information about the disposable diaper industry. It is quite an extensive website, where you can find information about the history, economy, manufacturing process, and ingredients of disposable diapers. I plan at some point to […]

More about diapers

A while ago I published a review of gDiapers, Seventh Generation diapers and Whole Food 365 diapers. In the meantime I’ve received comments and questions from discerning and concerned readers, gained some more hands-on (hah!) experience with the gDiapers, and found some more questions on the net. These are additional questions that I am now investigating: What is the […]

Ecological Diapers Review

     Whether you’re a new parent or have just been blessed with a second/third/fourth… baby, diapers are probably of major concern to you. I’ve written a review article of the “ecological” diaper brands that we have, personally, used: Seventh Generation Whole Foods 365 Everyday Value gDiapers I run through many considerations, such as baby’s comfort, cost, ease […]