Finding Time

 (Amie in the sandbox) Orion magazine made one of my favorite article by Rebecca Solnit, called “Finding Time,” available online. Read it here. In the meantime I’m still ill. But last weekend with our friends was wonderful, and this weekend we have a visit from Amie’s godmother. And next weekend, our old roommate is coming to stay with […]

Outing on a Fall Morning and a Yard Sale

Amie and Baba at the Park  Yesterday morning was blustery and a little cloudy, but sunny and quite balmy. The three of us went to the Larz Anderson Park, where Amie ran and ran, up and down the hill, in a field of leaves and dandelions, hemmed in by trees changed to all kinds of colors. […]

Homesteading for a Happier Child and Community

Dreaming We are dreaming about moving to a new place. For us that means selling this one and buying another one of approximately the same price, which means that, if we want to move, we need to move out- out of Brookline. We’re currently in a 1050 sq.f. basement apartment in a condominium. We adore […]