Plans for Next Year: Chickens, Bees, Frogs

Next year I want would like: a second colony, in a homemade top bar hive. chickens, 3 of them. the beginning of a dwarf fruit tree orchard. a guild around the cherry tree. an earth oven in a straw bale shelter, a strawbale low wall with welcoming arch up front, and  some strawbale benches, shelters […]

A Five-Year-Old’s Physics, Biology, Meteorology, Etc.

Amie drew her family for school (DH, Mama, Amie) ~ A: Water isn’t heavy. It’s just air that’s blue and wet. ~ I found her hiding behind a tiny notebook.  I asked her if hiding her face makes her entirely invisible. Incredibly, she did seem to believe this. Then she thought about it for a […]

Transition: Becoming Indigenous to a Place

During the Transition Training we watched a lot of images and videos of Transition Initiatives, and at first I watched them with mixed feelings of joy and anxiousness. My heart sank because I inevitably thought: “I can’t make that happen.” That sinking feeling stems from the fact that, though I arrived here over 11 years […]

Amie Talks about Death Again

In the evening Amie watched March of the Penguins. We had shown it to her about half a year ago but she wasn’t interested then. This time she was, going “oh so cute!” and so forth, but really paying attention when the little chick dies of exposure and the mother mourns over it. – what […]

Reading and Writing Checks Already, Arithmatic, and the Metaphyics of Time

What with all the gardening around here it’s been a while since I wrote about Amie’s non-gardening doings and goings. Here are some newer developments. We’re working on her letters. She recognizes all the upper and lower case and can sound out and read three-letter words: But writing them is something else altogether, especially […]