On my time

DH is the one who drops Amie off at daycare in the mornings on his way to work. Every morning I rush him/them. Amie by now knows the mantra: “I need to go to office, Baba needs to go to office, Mama also needs to go to office, in the study!”

(This concept, by the way, of all three of us having to do a good job at our respective “offices” really helped her change her attitude about daycare.)

That’s how it is, folks. The moment they’re out of here I rush to the study and start writing on my novel – and occasionally, when inspiration is low or I need a break, on this here blog-thingie. The moment I started realizing the novel might actually bring in some money, I really started considering it as “a job”.

(Note the difference between job and work. The writing was always “work” and therefore worth it, vauable, praiseworthy, proud… But in this society, once work becomes lucrative, the worker gets to have more say -  whether I like it or not).

So this morning it was 8:30 (the time daycare opens) and DH was still in his PJs, checking his email on his laptop (“It’s urgent: it’s work!”). I rushed him – in these cases I don’t mind the nagging – and he laughed and said: “You do this thing in the morning: kicking us out!”

And I said: “You bet I’m kicking you out! My working day just started and you’re still here on my time!”

Don’t worry, it’s all said in a cheerful tone, but this morning I realized that I was also very serious.  And so did DH, I think…

Amie in the meantime was drawing Boo again:

Boo by Amie 20 December 2007 (c) Katrien Vander Straeten

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