Rock-n-Romp in Boston!

This just in: Rock-n-Romp, a kid-friendly rock show series, is coming to Boston. R-n-R founder Debbie Lee is coming up from D.C for the Boston kick off and she is bringing Neal Pollack, the author of Alternadad with her. They will perform with Boston Music Award nominees the Bon Savants and the psychedelic rockers Wonderful […]

Cosleeping Dolls

Over the weekend Amie was presented with a wonderful gift from friends: their daughter’s old doll house. A real, wooden, doesn’t-fall-over-when-you-bump-it doll house! Complete with people and pets and furniture and even a garden for planting. Amie and eight-year-old S who gave it to her (I plan to return it once Amie too has grown […]