Sun on the Cape


To forget blight trouble, and to expel the dreadful memory of my first nocturnal slug hunt (brrr), an account of our trip to the Cape (Cod), from which we returned (already) several days ago.

We drove out through a torrential downpour into brighter skies. On the Cape we had almost no rain and even some sun. The ocean was made more mysterious and powerful by the ever present fog, but quite bearable qua temperature (after some jumping and yelling – about 56F) and so much fun – I had forgotten how much fun!

It was Amie’s first exposure to the ocean, and she was fearless and careful. What a sensory feast she had, running in the spray, running from the waves, making sandcastles and seeing them demolished by the oncoming tide. Click for larger images.




We drove back to Boston three days later, now a while ago, through another downpour – or it might have been the same one?

It stopped raining yesterday and the forecast looks more or less clear for the next couple of days. Okay, hey, I’m trying the power of wishful thinking here…

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