A Transition Event! Here!

Enough of this vacillating and lamenting! I’ve placed a notice for a Meeting on the Transition US and Transition Massachusetts websites, and will send it to several sustainability and Permaculture Meetup groups I know of. I’ve got one speaker already and plan to invite many more.

Join us to discuss resilience and sustainability for our communities (Wayland, Lincoln, Sudbury, Natick, Weston, Framingham, Concord, Ashland, Newton, etc.). Connect with others interested in transitioning our communities past fossil fuels and creating resilient systems for local food, energy, transport, housing, etc.

Present will be Jared Rodriguez (Emergent Energy Group), who has assisted Transition Towns with initial phase renewable energy projects. We are inviting more speakers and guides – if you think you can contribute as one, don’t hesitate to share your experience. Bring your questions, ideas and enthusiasm.

Depending on the response, we can hold this as a Lecture Series, an Open Space event, a Fair, or simply a meeting to see how much interest there is in our neighborhoods. We’ll keep posting here as we get a better idea and plans unfold.

The place is TBA. Please send this invitation to anyone you think may be interested.

I have no idea how many speakers and listeners will show up, and so where to hold the event, or what format will fit it, but it’s going to happen come hell or high water! It will at least show me how much interest there is in the various towns in my neighborhood, in the generally populace as well as for potential Transition steering groups.

I’m brainstorming now about discussion topics, where else to advertise, formats for this event, etc. Any ideas?

So exciting!

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