Wise People and Cobblers

In my journal I wrote: Understanding comes and goes as huge, crashing waves. One recedes and the other comes. It’s hard to catch your breath. I had just finished reading Stephen Jenkinson’s latest post, “There’s Grief in Coming Home,” when I looked up and I must have had an expression on my face for Amie asked: […]


Discovered over the last couple of months: neighbor who can help me identify wild edible mushrooms neighbor who can help me dispatch a chicken to my freezer once the time comes neighbor who can darn the holes in my favorite ten-year-old sweater neighbors with whom to share seeds and gardening schedules neighbor who can take […]

Bug to Beer. And Growing Ginger and Turmeric

Bubbles! The Ginger Bug is bubbling so I’m moving on to the next stage of brewing a good beer: adding the culture to the base (water, more ginger and sugar/honey) and letting it ferment away some more. I’m making a little less than a gallon,  about 6 wine bottles, I should say. DH made some […]