Independence Days – Week 10


Plant. Nothing: our winter beds are full. We did improve the bedding.

Harvest. I didn’t plant any Fall vegetables, so I have few plants left in the garden: kale, chard, parsley. The peas and the beans are giving up in the seesaw of warm/cold, but I managed to harvest the last few. Harvested the three small green peppers from the plants I brought inside. Also oregano, thyme, and mint. Sprouting fenugreek, mung beans and wheat berries.

Preserve. At the grocery store bought 20 lbs of organic local potatoes on sale, stuck them in my new “root cellar” – a plastic garbage bin, a bucket of water at the bottom, some sticks on top of that as a frame, then the potatoes; it sits in the coldest part of our basement. Strung apples and hung them to dry above the wood stove (an experiment). Dried thyme and oregano. Froze vegetarian pasta sauce.


Waste not. A friend gave us a humongous bag of acorns (thanks G!). Amie and I had a great time sorting them – though at time I understood what the ballot counters in the 2001 elections in Florida went though – and we were left with 13 lbs of acorns (in shell), for cracking, grinding, leaching and cooking with later. They’re stored in a dry part of the basement.

Want not. Following Sharon’s lastest food quickies, I bought a large box of yeast and 10 lbs of (unpopped) popcorn, all of which went into the freezer, and 5 lbs of salt.

Build community food systems. Nope.

Eat the food. At grocery store bought locally grown sugar pie pumpkins and made four loaves of pumpkin bread – a first. Brought the mint plant inside and am slowly defoliating it as I drink mint tea. We’re in soup, stew and chili mode now, and I take care to make leftovers for freezing. Love that winter food!

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  1. That picture of Aime is so cute.

    I love my freezer for food storage of things like grains. Freezers aren’t just for meat and veggies! Thanks for the link too.

  2. I was reading your post and my husband came up behind me, saw your daughter sorting the acorns, and said, “So we’re not the only ones doing acorns?” *grin*

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