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I did a lot of work in the garden today, another glorious Spring day. I filled up almost the entire new bed against the fence (4 x 16 feet). I am using the soil from the potato towers, which after sitting still for a good 7 months is showing its true nature: it’s full of pebble-sized cement crumbs. I’m sifting them out. The bed is about 2/3 full. It was back-breaking but feel-good work.


I’m only able to take off the top foot of the soil in the towers, the rest is still frozen. I covered it with black plastic so it will defrost quicker.


I also covered up most of the beds. They have straw on them, which has a high albedo, being light-colored and shiny, and the soil underneath it is more frozen than the beds without it. Amie said they finally do look like “beds” now.


She also laughed when Laura and Ma speculate that the moon is made of green (unripe) cheese, at the end of Little House in the Big Woods. “That’s so silly,” said Amie. I asked here “So what do you think the moon is made of, then?” And she very seriously replied: “Creamy soy milk.”

Well, that aside.

I brought my beehive home today, along with the veil, smoker, gloves and tools. I’ll write about that tomorrow. I’ll be moving the hive around on the property to see where it would be best – and to see how the neighbors react! About those neighbors, I have more ideas…

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  1. Would you please write more about the towers. I am guessing they are the bed with the 4x4s. Do you put something on the sides later? Do you pile straw on the emerging potato plants? I am interested because I need to switch beds this year as I have grown potatoes for four years in the boxes and it is time for change. I also have some pvc pipes that have 6 inch diameter holes. I tried potatoes in them last year and they worked well. It was a chancy yard sale purchase that paid off.
    Thanks I love reading your blog.

  2. You’re an inspiration! It’s wonderful to be so productive, even at this stage of the garden.

    I love Amie’s comment. Made me grin! Kids are wonderful and it’s so good that you have the blog to record it all.

  3. The towers were unfortunately not a success for me. It was a confluence of bad weather, bad positioning (not full sun), bad soil (I started with compost but then had to switch over to heavy, cementish soil that I bought), and blight, of course. To have success with towers you need fluffy compost and full sun, at the minimum. See this post: and this one:

    I won’t be growing potatoes this year for fear of the blight. Also, I don’t have enough room in the sun. But maybe I will try that pvc pipe method, just a few plants…

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