Cost of Beginning Beekeeping


“When I grow up I’m going to be a beekeeper because i really like the hat”

I brought home the hive yesterday. Amie is so excited about it; it is finally becoming real, as in, not just Mama talking. She’s going to help me paint it, though she’s not happy about it having to be white or something close to that.

Having just purchased all the stuff necessary for begin a hive, I can break down some of the costs for you.

  • Beepackage: $88
  1. 3 lbs of bees
  2. 1 Italian queen (marked)
  • Hive kit: $209
  1. bottom board
  2. two deep supers with 20 one-piece Pierco frames
  3. metal queen excluder
  4. two medium supers with 20 one-piece Pierco frames
  5. inner cover
  6. outer cover
  • Accessories and clothing: $119
  1. one standard hive tool
  2. one hook end hive tool
  3. one 4×7 in stainless steel smoker
  4. one bee brush
  5. one protective veil (hat and veil)
  6. one set of goat skin gloves
  • Medication and feed: I’ll know more about this next week, but my informed estimate is about $40.
  • Others: entrance reducer, open bottom board, mouse excluders, etc.: next week, but about $30. Add around $35 for extra set of veil and gloves, for DH, perhaps.
  • Honey extraction: Professional beekeepers and beekeeping clubs rent equipment for honey extraction. One harvest costs about $20.

Total: $541

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