Comfrey on Freecycle


tomato seedlings and lovage

I’ve been trying to get hold of comfrey – for compost. Neither Fedco nor Johnny’s carry the seeds, and the seeds I’ve found are expensive: $4 for 10, plus $3 shipping! I don’t think so.

So I put a request for a mature plant on my local Freecycle and within 12 hours had a response. I also put the big Mountain Laurel that’s in the  way of my depots on Freecycle. Within 12 hours had no less than seven responses. I’d rather see this bush get a new home than cutting it down.

In the basement we’re still at full capacity because this crazy weather – in the upper 50s yesterday, melting snow today – has delayed the transplanting of lettuces, kale, chard and spinach. This weekend, hopefully, I can make the room and I start a whole slew of tomatoes and peppers for friends.

The seedlings are all doing well. No signs of damping off, even though I haven’t been generous with the ventilation this year. I just watered all of them and they slurped up about 10 gallons of (filtered) water.


Seed pod still stuck on spinach seed leaves

dscf1337 dscf1335dscf1334


The seedlings are neglecting their seed leaves. Some have already fallen off.

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  1. Comfrey on freecycle is a good find! I should ask there as well, as I want some too, for feed for the goats we’ll be getting. Comfrey makes a good high protein food for them both fresh and dry.

    Your seedlings are looking really good.

  2. Ed, I’ve got purslane seeds – at least I had them last year, from Fedco Can’t remember now if I have any left, or re-ordered… But in any case purslane seeds are easily and cheaply available.

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