I Need a Holiday

Hoop house 3.0

Here’s another done – to do list.

Over the last couple of days I planted:

  • 4 hazels
  • 1 cherry tree
  • 3 kiwi vines (in pots)
  • 2 tea plants (in pots)
  • 2 paw paw seedlings (in pots)
  • 25 strawberries crowns
  • 16 asparagus crowns
  • 4 red currants
  • 4 white currants
  • 4 red gooseberry
  • 4 white gooseberry
  • 4 elderberries
  • 12 raspberries
  • lots of seedlings (among which 24 tomato and 18 pepper)
  • And DH and I got all the parts of the new hoop house built and have started assembling it.

Still to do (rest of this week and this weekend):

  • finish putting hoop house together before tomorrow evening’s close call (33 F at night)
  • build and fill more veg beds (3 4’x4′ and 1 4’x8′)
  • build and plant herb spiral
  • plant cherry tree companions (permaculture guild)
  • build planters and trellis for kiwi vines and plant kiwis
  • make bed for mushrooms (the spawn arrived) and seed them
  • plant rest of the seedlings (about 150 of them?)
  • build raspberry trellis
  • clear up, clean up, weed weed weed

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  1. Wow, you’ve been productive! I was going to say “busy,” but I can be busy and not productive. :)

    My to-do list is long too and I’m hoping our soil will stay dry over the next several days so I can get caught up planting.

    I can’t wait to see photos of everything later this summer. You should have a garden paradise.

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