As you can see I am alive and doing things, like playing around with my new dehydrator. Let me tell you, it was a bad idea to keep the apple skins on, and to start the process at 4 pm. Live and learn!

I’m waiting for the rain to stop so I can put my Winter harvest seedlings in the ground, though first I’ll have to rake about a million acorns out of my raised beds. I’m identifying trees that need to go down on my property if I am ever going to get enough sunlight to grow a large tomato and all those medicinal herbs I want to grow. DH and I are building a garden tool shed, and need to make work of the doors for the hoop house.

I’m struggling with a persistent cold, or rather, low immunity. I’m studying herbal medicine in the evenings after Amie goes to sleep and rewriting/finishing my novel in the mornings when Amie is at school.

I’m coping (sometimes not so well) with the news (old news) about climate change and peak everything. The political outlook of this country is getting me down – and I don’t even watch TV or even read any news. I just feel it…

Mostly it’s good, but I’m not in a space to blog much. Maybe if I get these constantly recurrent colds out of my system, or even just get a good night’s sleep!

Speaking of which…

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  1. Sorry to hear you’be been under the weather. That’s always a low energy time for me. Raw garlic is our treatment of choice. Whir a couple of cloves up in the blender with juice and swig it down. It’s potent but it always works.

    Regarding politics, it seems a lot of folks feel that way; let down after having such high hopes. I think the problem though, is that people expect politics to solve all the world’s problems. It can’t. Politicians are people too, and will always, always legislate their own best interests. Party alignment is irrelevant. Most politicians are wealthy with heavy investments in the stock market. Is it no wonder then that they always side with big business no matter the cost to the environment or the people. If big industry isn’t making a profit, then neither are they. That’s my 2 cents anyway.

  2. Sorry to hear times have been frustrating. We’ve been feeling similar, and trying to get the energy and enthusiasm back up to keep working.

    It is hard not to feel so frustrated by everything going on in the world. It *almost* makes a person want to till the garden and plant grass. *Almost*

    Do you have elderberries near you? We’re trying homemade elderberry syrup this year for an immunity booster.

    Wishing you well,


  3. hope you’re feeling better.

    two things helped me .. getting more sunshine (getting up *with* the sun every day – and going outside much more) and getting more exercise. you probably don’t need more of either of those things, but just thought i’d mention. :)

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