Neighborhood Pumpkin Composting

On a cold, gray day Amie and I composed, copied and colored in our yearly let-us-compost-your-pumpkin fliers.

Today, a wonderful day, sunny, blustery, just about nippy, Amie and I took a walk to deliver them. It was lovely to talk with the neighbors and hear their enthusiasm for the project. They usually leave their pumpkins to rot in the woods (everyone around here has a little bit of woods), but now that they know we’ll turn them into veggies, they will come and drop them off at our house when the time comes.

{Update} We composted about 50 lbs of  donated pumpkins that year!

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  1. We also ask for leaf litter. Neighbors are only too happy to dump it on our front yard and not have to stuff it in bags and drive it to the dump. Huge mounds of the stuff accumulate, and they did great at keeping the weeds down. This year we wouldn’t want all those leaves matting up on that part because we really want to do something with it next Spring, but we’re prepared, with our leaf mulcher!

  2. I really love this idea. I’m also part of a large, local (Dallas) mom’s group. I think I’ll send out an email about this. Plus I’m sure people will even give you pumpkins they used for decorating – these can be made into pies and all sorts of edible goodies. Thanks! – Carrie

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