Site Down, and Daily Bread No. 4

The server this blog is hosted by was down for almost two days. Nothing was lost, thankfully. Imagine you earn a living by your site/blog… Will we see more of this?


In any case, we’re back and I need to update you on yesterdays’  Daily Bread No.4. This one’s  the 5 minutes a day, kneadless 100% Whole Wheat sandwich bread.

(not its most photogenic side)

When making Bread No.2 my portable thermometer showed that our oven’s thermostat is off by quite a bit: set at 450 F, it heats up to 420 F, according to that thermometer, which is old and has been through a lot. Which one to believe? Yesterday while making Bread No.4, which needs to go in at 350 F, I tested using our digital thermometer (which can’t go up to 400). And the off thermostat was confirmed: set at 350 F it only heated up to 300 F.

Of course I only remembered to test this at the end of the baking. This might be why Daily Bread No.4  failed to rise to the occasion.

Yet it was lovely to eat, dense and moist, just about cooked through. And with a crust to die for. I also used only 1/3 of the salt that is mentioned in the recipe. I think I’ll start cutting down on salt. The read tastes sweeter. I still have two batches of dough left, so today I’ll compensate for the oven temperature and see if the loaf comes out better.

We’re still eating all this bread! They’re small loaves, I’ll weigh the next one.

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