As you can see, I’m sledding in the fire wood now. I also made an extra transfer point in the kitchen to dry it out a bit before it goes into the stove. The wood piles are pretty well covered up but snow gets in.  A wet log in the fire is a wasted log, a lot of pollution, and a cold house.

The fire has become almost entirely my thing now. I love hauling the wood, stacking it, and lighting and tending the fire. I still need to get the hang of splitting the wood. If we remove all these trees up front, there will be a lot of splitting to be done.


Sorry about the dearth of posting here. I’m keeping busy working with the Green Team in my town.  I’m meeting some wonderful people who believe as deeply as I do in living lighter on the earth. We’re focusing on the schools, and this year we’re getting all recycling up to par. Next year we’ll install composting!

I’m also struggling to get that novel out the door. What a pain! {UPDATE: Done! I sent a request for readers out and it should be going out to them today or tomorrow.}

I’m also geared up to start the seedlings in the basement. Now there’s a wonderful prospect. First up are all the greens I lost to the hoop house cave-in.

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