Dare to Dream

The future is all around us (Sherlock Holmes)

As I was drafting this in my journal I was thinking how wonderful it is to have a place – my journal – where I can dream without fear and doubt. Then I thought, hey, I can do that on the blog too. Here goes:

Plans for the next couple of years of my life

Novel: send it out to readers {about to happen today or tomorrow},  last rewrite, send to agent, then who knows.

Robin Hill Gardens

  • Herbs: keep learning, take correspondence course
  • Gardens: plant all the herbs, berries, orchard, etc.
  • Apothecary: make tinctures, salves, lip balm, cosmetics, cleaning products, sell.
  • Bees: build apiary, collect honey, comb honey, wax, pollen, make mead, sell.
  • Chickens: sell eggs.
  • Model: keep building homestead as a model (gardens, PV, pond,  earth oven, etc.).
  • Classes: build (outdoor) workshops, hold skill sharing courses.
  • Co-op: set up co-op for herbal, garden and bee supplies

My town, Green Team, Transition: meet more people, raise awareness, keep working at it, change chicken laws, help with Community Farm.

Music: learn how to play the cello, or sing (Elgar’s Sea Pictures — Oh!)

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