Riot for Austerity – Months 23-28

The last month for which I calculated our Riot was August 2010. That was month 22, so the calculation here will include the last two months of our Second Year of Rioting. Our first year’s averages were calculated here, our second year’s averages can be found here.

Gasoline. I haven’t been able to calculate in our trip to India (wish the Riot Calculator  was back online!). Without that trip, we used:

10.78 gallons per person pp. per month

25 % of the US National Average

(First year’s yearly average: 24.8%)

Electricity. The calculator reckons per household, not per person. We did well, got our usage down more. We have  made some serious solar PV plans and have calculated that with this kind of usage we could get all of our electricity from the sun. 

398 KWH (all wind) per month

12 % of the US National Average

(First year’s early average: 18.2%)

Heating Oil and Warm Water. This is warm water and back-up heat during the night and when we’re not home to build the fire in the wood stove and keep it going. This too is calculated for the entire household, not per person. (I didn’t figure in the cord of wood, because I don’t have enough data to calculate what that does to our percentage of the national average).

Considering (or wishfully thinking) that the coldest months are over, we did well.

48 gallons of oil per month

80% of the US National Average

(keep in mind that is is for what I hope are the coldest months)

(First year’s yearly average: 77% / Second year’s yearly average: 42%, see here)

Trash. After recycling and composting this usually comes down to mainly food wrappers.

10 lbs. pp per month

7% of the US National Average

(First year’s yearly average: 7.3%)

Water. We did quite well here too, bringing our usage down by another percent or so. If we could rig up a plumbing system that would pipe the bath and sink water into the toilet tank…

458 gallons of water pp.  per month

15 % of the US National Average

(First year’s yearly average: 16.5%)

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