Riot for Austerity – Months 30-31

I calculated the last Riot on April 5, so this is two months worth. Our first year’s averages were calculated here, our second year’s averages can be found here.

Gasoline. Same as usual. Activism (paradoxically) involves a lot more driving around.

10.6 gallons per person pp. per month

25% of the US National Average

Electricity. The calculator reckons per household, not per person.  As usual, April  is a high electrical consumption month, with the heat mat and the lights on 16 hours a day to keep my seedlings growing.

606 KWH (all wind) in April, 342 KWH in  May = 474 on average

14% of the US National Average

Heating Oil and Warm Water. This too is calculated for the entire household, not per person.   Going down…

13.6 9.1 gallons

19% 14.6% of the US National Average

{UPDATE} 3 Jan 2012: The way I have been calculating our heating oil consumption is by reading off the furnace how many hours it ran, then multiplying it by .85 because that’s the amount of gallons of oil I *thought* it used. Now DH just told me that our furnace is more efficient than that and the correct number is .65. Hence the correction

Trash. After recycling and composting this usually comes down to mainly food wrappers.

10 lbs. pp per month

7% of the US National Average

Water. Up from last month because we’re watering grass seed and showering more after hard work in the garden.

603.3 gallons pp.  in April, 688 gallons pp in May

22% of the US National Average

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