Amie’s Cello Recital

There used to be a time when this was a mommy blog. Then it became a garden blog. Now it’s becoming an activist blog (of sorts). But today we’re paying homage to the blog’s first form, and  we’re going to enjoy some music.

Here is Amie’s first recital, a few weeks ago. Enjoy!

By the way, in case you were wondering, I think playing a musical instrument is one of those crucial skills we all need to learn again. Hand and homemade entertainment is vastly superior to the tinned junk piped in through the cables we’re hooked up to. Also, no ads!

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  1. Well done Amie! Her intonation is excellent and I’m impressed with her firm handling of the bow. I couldn’t agree more about learning to play a musical instrument. I didn’t start until college, where I took lessons on piano and viola. I only wish I could have somehow kept it up. Amie will do very well indeed. I hope she always loves it.

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