Medicine Garden


This, dear friends, is a massive apothecary! The beginnings of it. Some of these envelopes hold just 5 seeds. Many hold seeds that need scraping with sandpaper and intricate regimes of warm-moist and/or cold-dry conditions. Some will take years (years!) to germinate. Suffice it to say, these aren’t your average lettuce seeds. Each one is special. Each one is demanding. But if I do right by them, each one will repay me and my community a thousandfold.

As for my silence here, I’ve been clearing my desk just so I can devote the necessary time to these seeds. Today was the day it all came together. I sent off an application to teach a course on collapse (yes, you heard that right!) at Tufts Experimental College. I finished the Solar Wayland Report (a rather technical policy-oriented report which you can read here). I also submitted a grant application for Transition Wayland. What a relief to have all those done! Added up they amount to a hundred dense pages of text, and they have been months in the making.

Earth Day has been a non-stop promotional effort (we have articles in the local media every week, all the way up to the weekend itself: check them our here/here, the write-up of our house here/here, and here/here). I only wrote the one about about our house, we have a great team volunteering for this!  The group is also investigating making Transition Wayland into a co-op. And then there are the plans to promote solar hot water. Oh, and on Monday a friend and I are taking a 14-foot truck to pick up no less than eight IBC totes plus some barrels we’re planning to convert into compost barrels…

I’d better be off to my basement now to sow those seeds, before I get sidetracked!

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