The Yeast Lives

Brewing root beer and mead (with wine yeast, I’m not leaving it up to chance this time). The yeast at least is having a feast. It’s feasting on honey.



Mead recipe (following this one but without the spicing):

  • boiled 2 gallons of filtered tap water
  • steeped one big of Tazo organic chai in it
  • took off stove, added 4 lbs of raw honey, set aside to cool (= the must)
  • made yeast starter separately: boiled small jar of water and 1 tbsp of honey
  • let cool, added 1 package of Montrachet wine yeast (two hours later: see pic)
  • once the must was 95 degrees F, added yeast starter
  • transferred to two 1 gallon glass jars, topped off with boiled, cooled filtered tap water

Now it ferments for a couple of weeks.

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