Community Garden Plots


 Before tilling

DSCF1220After tilling

Our first foray into tilling the two Community Garden plots gathered a dear friend and her neighbor, who brought his small rototiller. After two hours, we had 1/3 tilled. This morning it was my beekeeping pal and a young woman I met through garden consulting work, who brought “Mommy’s Machine” – a mean tilling machine! Half an hour later: done! I staked out the plots for the beans and corn, then raked half.  On Thursday morning, after the rain but before the heat (91!F) sets in, yet another friend and I, and who knows how many more that I invited, will come and sow the beans.

And so I am already harvesting, big time. So many people, some of whom I didn’t know at all, some of whom I had met just once, some friends, are coming to  help with this harebrained scheme! This morning, when Amie was sick and I needed a quick sitter, a friend showed up as soon as she heard.  That’s community!


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