Chicken Work

My parents are here and two of the projects that were mainly my dad’s are the chicken coops. The new small coop needed a roof:


The big coop needed an extra run:


The new part is that still blonde wood box and the front part. Their run space has more than doubled. I hope this will alleviate the broodiness/quarrelsomeness/pecking that has cropped up lately, especially by the time we introduce the two new chicks in a few weeks.


It’s a palace.

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  1. nice, and roomy! When you introduce the new hens, might be good to put the old hens in part of the pen, and let the newbies be alone in the coop/old run part for a part of the first day. (You put the newbies in at night, but you can separate them for a while the following day). This way you can be sure the new hens have time to check out the place and eat and drink. The first 2-3 days are very stressful for them. But then, the dust settles.

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