Riot for Abundance – July 2013 – Month 57


This is the Riot for Abundance for July 2013  for the three of us. Edson fixed the calculator: all go tither to crunch those numbers!

Gasoline.  Calculated per person.

15.9 gallons pp.

39% of the US National Average

Electricity. This is reckoned per household, not per person. We cook on an electric stove. According to our solar meter, we produced 10178  kWh since the system was turned on in August 2011, that’s   538 kWh over the last month (you can follow our solar harvest live here). We owe NSTar nothing, so we overproduced, but again I don’t know how much we used. Definitely less than 538 kW.

 538 kWh monthly average

30% of the US National Average

Heating Oil and Warm Water. This too is calculated for the entire household. Since we obviously didn’t need heat this month, the number indicates only water heating that is supplemental to the solar hot water that was installed in February. There is no provision for solar hot water in the calculator. Looking good.

.65  gallons of oil / month

1.1% of the US National Average

Water. This is calculated per person. We did much better this month.

623 gallons pp.

21% of the US National Average

Trash. After recycling and composting this usually comes down to mainly food wrappers:

6 lbs. pp per month

4.4 % of the US National Average 

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  1. your big water system pays! Also, now that I’m paying attention, I’m seeing similar water tanks in Germany right now! I think I should write a blog post about the perspective from here. When Paul gets here and I have a bit of breathing room…

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