Activism: Newton 350 Draw the Line Rally

The idea for this weekend was for us to go the Amherst, MA, for me to do a three-day training in Effective Groups while DH and Amie did some sightseeing and goat research – lots of people with goats in Amherst! However, DH fell sick and we had to cancel the whole thing. So Amie and I got to go to the 350 Draw the Line rally in Newton, against the Tar Sands. We stuffed one car with people and signs and carpooled there. Amie finally got to use her sign. Here she is showing it off.


Like that it looks like she was almost by herself, but this is what was going on across the road:


As we were early and she was the only kid there for a bit, she was very popular for group pictures!


She had a blast!



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