Adding to the Elements


The Life!

It’s difficult to keep the whole in mind. Thinking in terms of elements helps. I wrote about elements here and here. In the latter post I listed the elements in place at the homestead, and here I’d like to add (underlined) the few that have been added since then, that are coming up in the near future (in bold), and that we’re wishing for in the more distant future (in italics):

  1. Apiary (3 hives)
  2. Avian dinosaurs (6  hens)
  3. Veg, herb and fruit gardens, most grown from seed, moving toward more perennials
  4. The hang of putting up with a canner and dehydrator: read this year’s list here
  5. Rainwater catchment (5×60 gallons) PLUS two IBC totes (550 gallons)
  6. Gravity fed irrigation in the veg garden
  7. Hoop house (12’x20′): need doors and irrigation
  8. Compost: 3 bins 4x4x4 and 2 Earth Machines and sundry leaf and wood chip piles, a couple of Hugelkulturs
  9. Earth oven: still needs third layer and roof
  10. Solar clothes dryer
  11. Member of a year-round local CSA for three years (carpooled)
  12. Solar PV array (5.1 Kw – supplies 100% of electricity)
  13. Solar Hot Water (heats all of our hot water in Summer, about 70% rest of year)
  14. Firewood – wood grown on property – and growing splitting ax skills
  15. Reasonable numbers in the 90% Reduction/Riot for Abundance
  16. Lots of growing space left
  17. coming up: water heater for coop
  18.     freestanding PV unit (2 panels and battery) to deliver electricity to coop and backup in case of power failure
  19. wishing for: mushrooms
  20.    orchard
  21.    goats
  22.    high efficiency replacement for one car
  23.    trailer for other car (“work horse”)
  24.    tiny house on trailer

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