Putting Up for Winter


Here’s a little post I’ll return to from time to time to add what I’ve put up. There’s already a lot of frozen beans and carrots stashed away, so I’m started in medias res here.

August 22: sauced Freecycled apples. Result:

  • apple sauce: 8 pints

August 24: sauced more Freecycled apples with the tribe (read here). Result:

  • apple sauce: 5 pints

August 29-30: canned a lot of peaches, all kinds of recipes (see here). Result:

  • peaches in light syrup: 23 pints
  • peach pickles: 4 pints
  • peach butter: 37 half pints
  • peach salsa: 4 half pints
  • peach jam: 7 half pints

September 3: canning reported on here. Result:

  • summer squash relish: 5 pints
  • dilly beans: 2 pints

October 6: 1 bushel McIntosh from Carlson ( blogged here). Result:

  • dehydrated 1 peck
  • sauced 2 pecks: 14 1/2 pints and 8 pints

October 10: Lots of food from our town’s last Farmers Market and the CSA box. Result:

  • dilly beans (same recipe as on Sept 3): 5 pints
  • zucchini relish (same recipe as summer squash relish, Sept 3, which is delish): 6 pints

October 12-13-14: Abundant apples from Nicewicz Farm, blogged here. Result:

  • dehydrated apples: 3 pecks
  • applesauce: 9 quarts, 2 pints

October 24: pears from  Nicewicz Farm, blogged here. Result:

  • pears in light syrup: 4 quarts, 1 pint
  • pear butter: 5 8 oz., 3 pints

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  1. found an apple tree today, on town land…. we’re perfecting the picking. It’s a tall tree. I think I’ll make those canned apple slices again, don’t you think I should? :-) And apple sauce, that’s a given.

  2. Can you send me the recipe for dilly beans: D and J loved those ones we got from the share last year.

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