Homemade Wine Bottle Labels

 Some of these are inside jokes: PS. We’re not in Seattle. Far from it. The majority agreed that labels with castles on them lend a certain cachet to the wine: When the conversation turned to sulfites, the theme changed:  From there on out, it was a free for all: Some of them mention an expiration date:   

Some Music

(I realize I am soon becoming the Queen of Grief, but you can always read the “Molting Chicken” entry after this one and restore some balance.) Last Sunday Amie played in her Orchestra concert. This concert featured four Rivers Youth Orchestras, from Preparatory (that Amie is in) to Symphony. It’s absolutely riveting to follow the […]

Molting Chicken

Finally I can  hit the “molting chicken” meme! Skipperdee started molting very fast and suddenly and is now a ghost of her former self. Picking her up is the weirdest sensation: ribby and bony and very light. And she doesn’t like it. Amie calls her “Turkey Chicken” A She has no tail feather left. But the […]

Processing Rose Hips (yes, they’re itchy)

Last week I ran over to our local High School where they planted lots of rose rugosa. The hips were perfect after a few frosts. I came home with about three pints, then did some research. Turns out that: Rosehips are packed with vitamin C, calcium and vitamin E (especially the seeds). The hairs that surround the […]