Raising a Child on Many Languages

Amie: “Cold! Coooold.”Mama: “What does Baba say when it’s cold?” Amie: “… Thanda!” Mama: “Yes! And what does Mama say?” Amie: “… Koud.” Multilingual family We are raising Amie on no less than three languages.  Her Baba (dad) speaks Bengali, her Mama Dutch, and since Baba and Mama don’t speak one another’s language very well, they communicate […]

Saving the planet, at home

Worrying  Our concern for nature and, more generally, the state of the planet, has grown over the past couple of years, and I don’t foresee an end to our worry. Especially since having a child, we’ve been trying to make some changes. For instance, the day we realized we were pregnant, we switched over to organic, […]

Maisy by Lucy Cousins

Amie (19 mos.) is enamored with Maisy, the adorable mouse created by Lucy Cousins (Candlewick Press). “Maaa-isy Maaa-isy,” Amie calls. Then: “Mama read!” or “Amie read!” Simplicity is the norm The stories are short and sequential. The language is sparse, and keywords are repeated often. The bright colors filling large fields surrounded by black lines appeal immediately to a young child’s […]

Articles: My Natural Birth, Parts I and II

I’ve uploaded the first two articles in a series about the natural birth of my daughter (now 19 months ago).  I always wanted to get to the bottom of my (seemingly contradictory) desire for a natural birth. Writing this series has been a great opportunity to explore my hopes and fears about the beginning of my […]