Reading Up and Chelsea Green Publishing

Book knowledge and experience  As you all know, I’m putting together The Plan. It’s quite a Plan so quite a Task. Never one to spontaneously jump into the unknown, I feel I need to prepare thoroughly. Being an academic, the first thing I reach for is book knowledge. I’m reading up on biology, ecology, agriculture, husbandry, energy, construction, as well […]

The Dream of Moving Out

Dreaming of moving out I love this place, especially when summer comes around, as it finally has. The hustle and bustle of Coolidge Corner and Brookline Village, the treelined streets, the many large, grassy parks, the general friendliness of the community, oh and not to forget the two independent bookstores, one of them the Children’s Bookshop. Work/school/daycare are less than […]

I and You: Mastering Personal Pronouns

I and You Amie is now in the habit of formulating descriptions of what she is doing as follows: “Are you x-ing?” She does this in imitation of our own (incessant) questions about and observations of what she is doing, and because she is struggling with the personal pronouns “you” and “I” and “me”. Once […]

Drawing as it Develops: Two more articles

I’ve added two more articles on the development of Amie’s drawings, the last one (no. 4 in the series) finally relating the “Breakthrough” I posted on earlier. Here are all the installments so far: First Drawings of a Very Young Child: Amie at 16 months Circles, and Coloring Books (a Mistake?): Amie at 18 months […]

New Article Series: Drawing with Very Young Children

Amie, 28 April 2007 Breakthrough!  I think Amie has made (or is in the midst of making) a breakthrough in her drawing. I happened to catch it on video, and may try to find a way to share that clip with you (at present that is beyond my technical skills).  It has prompted me to start writing a […]

My child has a life without me too

First weeks at daycare A dear friend, whose daughter was born a month after Amie and is Amie’s only playdate buddy (I’m not exactly the gregarious type), just survived their first week of daycare. The first week (for some, the second and third, too) of daycare is awash with waves of despair, glimmers of hope, heartwrenching […]