Fertilizing a Garden Bed, Horse Play, and Daily Bread No.3

This bed in the back of the garden (to the West, underneath the trees)  is a new one. I added it this Spring. I wasn’t happy with what grew in it this season. The reason could be the lack of sunlight, or poor soil. About the sunlight there is not much I can do at […]

Neighborhood Pumpkin Composting

On a cold, gray day Amie and I composed, copied and colored in our yearly let-us-compost-your-pumpkin fliers. Today, a wonderful day, sunny, blustery, just about nippy, Amie and I took a walk to deliver them. It was lovely to talk with the neighbors and hear their enthusiasm for the project. They usually leave their pumpkins […]

Yes, Of the Same, Again

The garden, that is. DH and I worked on the backyard the entire day: grading it with sifted soil, evening it out, then adding 1 to 2 inches of our composted cow manure. We still have about 1/3 to do, and I’ll try to finish that by my lonesome tomorrow, because DH needs to go […]