Amie drawing @ 20 months and something about this blog

Amie drew this yesterday. Look at those eye-catching lines, whorls and scribbles! The explosion of colors! The harmony between the minuscule and the grand! What I want to do here Aren’t I a proud Mama! I can’t believe I am posting my daughter’s drawings. But I am hoping that it is in keeping with the aims of […]

Where the Manushes live

Meet the Manushes Amie has a set of 1-2-3 Playmobil guys (and one gal) called the “Manushes” – “Manush” is the Bengali word for “human”. From left to right in the picture: Pilot Manush, Baba Manush, Sailor Manush, Engineer Manush, Mama Manush. Pretend play She is getting into real pretend-play now: a new stage in […]


   Ugly No.1   -   Ugly No.2 Uglies How do you like our very own, unique Uglies? I write “Uglies” because there are 2-in-1: you just flip the thing over and there’s a unique and very different second one! And it’s an “Ugly” in that it is inspired by the Ugly Dolls. My Mom was here […]