Riot for Austerity – Months 23-28

The last month for which I calculated our Riot was August 2010. That was month 22, so the calculation here will include the last two months of our Second Year of Rioting. Our first year’s averages were calculated here, our second year’s averages can be found here. Gasoline. I haven’t been able to calculate in our trip to India (wish […]

Riot for Austerity – Month 15

Last year’s averages (calculated here) are mentioned as a baseline. I use this calculator. Gasoline. This is the usual: still too high. When the temperatures go up I’m really going to work on biking Amie to school and back. 9.52 gallons per person (pp) in cars + 10 miles pp on public transport =  23 […]

Riot for Austerity – Month 14

We’re back and Rioting again. I’ll again keep last year’s averages (calculated here) visible as a baseline. I use this calculator. Gasoline. Well, there’s no way around it: Amie and I flew to Belgium – our first visit in 3 years – and I’m counting it as driving there, and back. I’m using our own […]