Amie drew “Happy”

“Happy” has been a favorite icon of Amie’s since she was very young. At 16 months,  she was always drawing “happy” – the feeling, we presumed. Later “Happy” became a happy face: a simple circle including points for eyes, short lines for eyebrows and nose, and a curve for a smiling mouth.

As I reported in Drawing As It Develops, Amie had a short phase of naming her drawings and making an effort to represent something by them (airplanes!), but then she lost interest, mainly because she turned to color and, most recently, coloring (Maisy, only Maisy).

So I was surprised this morning, when on her way out she quickly sat down at her drawing table, grabbed a crayon, and very deliberately drew a circle. her nose was nearly touching the paper as she very carefully traced it and put down a nose, an eye and a mouth!

– “I drew Happy!” she announced. “I made a circle and Happy!”

When I looked, there it was, in the upper left corner, above Maisy’s ear: Happy!


I can’t wait to see what will happen next!

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