More about those Green Diapers, again

 Jean-Pierre, who has commented extensively on the green diaper issue, put me on to the website of Richer Consulting Services, a source for information about the disposable diaper industry. It is quite an extensive website, where you can find information about the history, economy, manufacturing process, and ingredients of disposable diapers. I plan at some point to […]

Marie-Louise Gay’s What are you doing, Sam?

The Sam and Stella Books We love Marie-Louise Gay’s Sam and Stella books. Amie loves the repeated “Stellaaaaaaa!” or “Saaaaaam!” exclamations, Stella’s red hair, and Sam’s funny dog, Fred. And, o yes, the stories – always surprising, uplifting and subtly wise – and the illustrations – delightful watercolors and pencil works of art (colorful, but easy on the […]