Competence Project: Beekeeping

Sharon – without knowing it, apparently – started  The Competence Project:

“I challenge each of you to pick some area of your skill set that’s kind of weak and strengthen it.  And when you feel like you’ve gotten competent, well, pick a new skill. “

One of my visions for our new place was to have chickens, but then it turns out you need at least an acre before the town will permit any livestock. I mourned this for a couple of months – though I do still plan to pursue it with the town at some later date. (UPDATE Jan 2009: done! We can have chickens!)

Then I realized we consume more honey than eggs (and chicken). So when Sharon challenged me, the first thing I thought of was:


I located a bee school nearby that will have classes this coming February and I will be there.

Think of the honey, and all the yummy foods you can cook with honey! And how the garden will profit!

My town, as far as I know, has nothing in its bylaws and laws about bees. I will consult my neighbors, of course, but all our properties are large enough, I believe, to accomodate a hive or two.

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  1. Bees work!

    We share a hive with another family, sharing expenses, heading to bee meetings together, etc. It is good to do it with another family, because, as we learned, they can grow quickly, and will swarm (run away) if things get too crowded. Another family can help with the expense of buying another hive for them!!!

    Good luck, and change that dumb law requiring an acre for chickens. My 40 had 1/3 of my garage and a yard 12×12. Three will need a little house and even a smaller space. CHANGE THAT LAW!

    Good luck with the bees!

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