More Squirrel Shenanigans – and the OWLS!

To follow up on yesterday’s Outdoor Hour Challenge on Squirrels, here are some of today’s nature pictures. Squirrels, of course. Even though I dug out the snow around the bird feeder, they are still attempting to get up onto the baffle. The prickly bush approach must have been too painful, and it wasn’t working anyway: […]

Winter Wednesday: Trees and Their Bark

This challenge is really called “Tree Silhouettes,” but as the trees on our property and in our neighborhood are so crowded together, most of them haven’t grown into the typical shapes they would have had, had they been in an open space where they didn’t have to vie for sunlight with others. Except for the […]

Outdoor Hour Challenge #45: Squirrels

Outdoor Hour Challenge #45 is Squirrels. We have plenty of them, three at least, all Eastern Gray Squirrels (Sciurus carolinensis). They come out when the sun is bright on the snow. Comstock writes charmingly about squirrels, and she quotes from Thoreau, which I find always makes for captivating reading. They both seem to describe exactly […]

Germinating and Growing Seedlings under Lights: Chamber Set-Up

Today we finally had a chance to set up our germination/seedling area in the basement. It’s not fully done yet, but so far we have: One large Gorilla shelf rack – fits 4 standard Jiffy or Burpee seed starting flats perfectly. $87.97 four shop lights (2 sockets each), chain links and S hooks included. 4 […]