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We’ve got a funny situation going on here, in the lettuce patch! A week ago we just plunked our cold frame onto its proposed site, without preparing the soil. The hot temperatures inside made the tulips spring up double as high as their colleagues outside the box. And among these I set out the lettuces in their hotcaps. I guess they can coexist for the time being.

Today was anyway the perfect day for setting them out: after five days of hardening off on the north porch  they were ready to brave the southern exposure on this overcast day. The sun is slowly peeking out, so I’m keeping an eye on the temperature in the frame (61F so far)… and on those squirrels (do they eat lettuce?). The largest ones are quite large, but I’m uncertain whether I can harvest the outer leaves already. I’ll let them get over their transplant and setting-out shocks first.

This means I have half a shelf free again in my seedling setup: room for two more flats! Yesterday I sowed three kinds of tomatoes:

  1. Glacier Tomato Organic
  2. Ida Gold Tomato Organic
  3. Sun Gold Cherry Tomato

After moving things up out of the hotbox to make space for them, the seedling area got quite cramped.I am thinking broccoli, and some kale. We’re six weeks from my estimated last frost date (5 May), so a lot needs to be sowed soon.

I’m happy to report that I am finally having success with the eggplants: I resowed them several days ago and 6 out of 9 germinated and are already quite large. My basils also came up nicely (even the Sacred Basil, which is supposed to be finicky), as well as the oregano: those can move our of the hotbox soon. The spinach too is thriving. Nothing in the peppers yet, I might have to resow those as well.

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