Pity, but no Mercy

sewing machine in bedroom

I finally managed to sow the row covers together. I used these 5′ wide spun covers to shield the beds from the downpours over Summer, but they were a pain to position because they were too narrow for the 4′ wide beds. Some end of it was always coming undone, and because we couldn’t stretch them, they sagged and billowed in the wind. The solution was to sow two strips together into one comfortably wide one that would stretch over the hoops and have some left over on the sides for anchoring.

Not wanting to sew about 40 feet by hand, I got out our sewing machine. It is a hand-me-down from my aunt and makes only one stitch, but that is sufficient for most of our purposes. Both my mom and MIL used it when they were here, and they showed me how to thread it. Many times over. But, not having a head like that, I forgot. So imagine my horror when I opened the lovely red suitcase to find it… threadless!

Well, after a lot of messing about, sighing, cursing, and some foot stomping, I got it done, mostly with the help of DH – okay, he got it done. I got to reflect again on my unkindness to machinery. You should see me kick the vacuum cleaner when it gets stuck behind the corner of some furniture. When my laptop does something weird, I take care to immediately hand it off to DH.

DH was also reflecting on this, but aloud:

– You really have no patience, do you? How come you have no patience with this? Etc. etc.

You know, that kind of commentary. Oh, those poor machines. Lucky for all of us I struck upon the following reaction:

– I have a lot of pity for the machines in this house. But no mercy.

That kind of thing always cracks us up.

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