Pity, but no Mercy

I finally managed to sow the row covers together. I used these 5′ wide spun covers to shield the beds from the downpours over Summer, but they were a pain to position because they were too narrow for the 4′ wide beds. Some end of it was always coming undone, and because we couldn’t stretch […]

Home Canning versus Bisphenol A

That’s the second person intimating to me that my home canning might not be safe. Usually the question comes quietly: “Are you sure the jars are okay?” Though it riles me, I’ve come to expect the attitude. It’s like with eggs. When I tell people about wanting chickens for their eggs, half the time the […]

Harvest Festival at Drumlin and a visit to the MIT Museum

This Saturday we returned to Drumlin Farm for the Harvest Festival and we had a blast. We danced to the Old Mariners’ Dixieland Jazz – they were in their sixties and seventies and pretty hardcore, apologizing for playing a song so recent as from the thirties! We took a hayride into the fields I remember […]

iPhone vs. Moleskine, Da Vinci Code vs. Umberto Eco

Two conversations. The Future: Star Trek or Middle Ages? We were noting all those people cueing up in front of the stores to get their hands on an iPhone. – “Idiotic,” I judged, “an irrelevant piece of junk”. – “Sacrilege!” DH countered – he’s not wanting to get an iPhone, he was just defending what […]