Humongous Planting

Over five hours of fairly uninterrupted work I planted: Anise Hyssop (mint!) Aster: September Ruby NE Broccoli Blend 09 Broccoli: Waltham Brussels Sprouts: Roodnerf Cabbage: Charming Snow Cabbage: Earliana cabbage: red express Catnip Chard: Bright Lights Chard: Fordhook Giant Charming snow cauliflower chives: Purlie Collards: Evenstar Cornflower: Bachelot Button eggplant: Applegreen eggplant: diamond Hyssop kale: […]

Of Calcium in the Soil and Plants – Part 8

You guessed it: it’s time for another episode in the Calcium in the Soil and Plant series! Take heart: we’re getting close to the end (maybe only one more part to go?). Actually, it took me so long to post on this again because this one took me a long time to figure out. If […]

Of Mice and Bees

Yesterday evening we had our second beekeeping class, after a two week hiatus due to bad weather predictions (you can parse that either way) and school vacation. Rick brought in a full hive and guided us through the components, discussing their uses, alternatives, advantages and disadvantages, and some beginners’ pitfalls. The magical moment, for me, […]